We use play to Ignite teams, strengthen leaders, and spark lasting collaboration, communication, & creativity!

Are you looking for fun and dynamic professional development to support your staff in building communication, leadership, and strengthening team dynamics? Improv Consultants is the convergence of professional development & fun! We work with businesses, teams and individuals to improve communication, collaboration, and leadership. Imagine if professional development & FUN could be in the same sentence. They can! Picture your staff laughing, connecting, and having a great time all while learning valuable skills. Incorporating an effective employee development program is essential to the long-term success of any business. Are you ready to increase motivation, morale, & productivity to support earning higher profits for your business? If so, please reach out as we would love to partner with you!

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With an extensive background in training and development, our consultants facilitate fun and experiential Business Training & development programs in the areas of communication, leadership, and team development.

Improv Consultants offers a variety of programs for Off-Site Retreats. Improvisation will help your team say "YES AND" all while developing stronger connections, communication and leadership! fun!

Are you a leader looking for ways to improve your executive presence? Do you have concerns about team communication or struggling without to stay on top of it all? Executive Coaching is a great opportunity to work with one on one to get the support you need.

We use play to:

Inspire teams to collaborate and communicate

Create confident and cohesive management teams learn more

We use play to:

Strategize & Collaborate

Strengthen leadership teams

Spark lasting communication & creativity learn more

We use play to:

Turn powerful leaders into dynamic communicators

Inspire creativity and innovation learn more

Why Improv?

Improvisation is a powerful tool that helps build confidence, collaboration and creativity. Improv Consultants uses applied improvisation to build or enhance every training! Improvisation supports building positive communication skills and teams that play well together, work great together! Read more about our values and mission here.

Who we Are

Improv Consultants is a team of creative professionals founded by Lisa Safran, speaker, consultant and author. We take great pride in being a mix of creative people: executive coaches, educators, trainers, facilitators, improvisers, speakers and more.We have deep experience with team building, executive and presentation coaching. We understand how to make individuals – and the organizations they belong to – more successful. Meet the team!

What People are Saying! Read more about our clients, testimonials, and case studies here!

I am happy to recommend Improv Consultants-Safran Consulting without reservation. Lisa Safran was a pleasure to work with. She helped facilitate our Communications team retreat.Our goals were strategic planning, team building and improved internal communications. At first I was skeptical that my team would actively participate in an improvisation forum, but the day exceeded my expectations in every way. Lisa and her colleague Laura were expert in breaking the ice and getting everyone excited about the activities. I could easily see how well this forum could also work for developing leadership skills as Improv really helps folks to focus on active listening, stepping outside of their comfort zones and effective communication skills.

Plus, it’s really fun. I saw my team bond over sharing laughs, all while we worked towards collaboratively building out a plan to address strategic priorities.


—Deborah Chilvers, Deputy Driector SFPUC


What a joy and pleasure to have Lisa Safran of Improv Consultants facilitate a half-day workshop at our staff retreat this year. This experience we shared as a group was enlightening, reinvigorating, and energized us a team. The laughter and fun we shared will always be remembered. The powerful take-aways from her session has had a lasting effect for our team both personally and professionally. Lisa is an authentic, kind, and gentle practitioner that made our team feel safe and comfortable from the very start. We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to any organization seeking an inspiring, fun, and memorable team building experience. Our team had the best time! Honestly, it was the most memorable and most fun staff retreat ever in our history!


Julia Chan, RN, Children's Hospital Oakland

Lisa Safran is an accomplished facilitator who knows how to use the tried & tested techniques of improv in a business environment.

Ian Griffin, Executive Communications

Lisa is a gem. I reached out to Lisa to help me prep for a big interview – to kick the nerves and handle tough questions in a calm and confident manner. Her exercises were unconventional, effective, and fun! I highly recommend Lisa for unleashing creativity and confidence for anyone.


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