Public Speaking Coaching

Develop Confidence and Personal Style with Public Speaking Coaching

Whether you are presenting to an audience of one or one thousand, Improv Consultants public speaking coaching can help you to become a more engaging and dynamic presenter.

A dynamic presenter knows when to include personal stories, metaphors, humor, and audience participation to enhance a conversation, presentation or seminar. Giving time for your audience to talk or engage in an activity can be threatening because it may feel like a loss of control. What if they disagree? What if they won’t stop talking? OR What if no one participates?  

Public Speaking from Scratch to Stage!

6-Steps to Achieving Results

  1. Success through End Goal Visualization
  2. Using improv to strengthen confidence & ability to think on your feet
  3. Selecting, crafting, and honing stories to engage and inspire
  4. Dial into Sound: Tone, pacing, and using your voice to take listener on a journey
  5. Connecting to your audience
  6. Rehearsals: Practice, practice, practice

6-Steps to Achieving Results can be modified for a 3, 6, or 12 month program!

Rates Vary depending on length of program and number of sessions per month.


“Working with Lisa has been a blast. She is professional, positive, and very creative. The best part of working with her is it’s fun! Although I have given many presentations and seminars in the past and feel comfortable in networking situations I am finding that the work I am doing with her is helping me show up more confident and relaxed. I’m starting to make a deeper connection in all areas. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to step up their game, improve their ability to think on their feet, and feel empowered in public arenas.” 

Josephine M.

“Thank you for your wonderful support of me for the workshop. Your ideas and collaboration were just what I needed. I know we made a difference for women. Thank you for leading the opening exercise. It made such a difference. Many people commented on how great it was and how lovely and professional you are. I appreciate your work.”

 Jacqueline J.

Improv Consultants will work with you to develop the confidence and material to be a dynamic presenter who clearly delivers their message and skillfully engages participants.


When to Hire a Public Speaking Coach:

  • Your job requires a more engaging level of communication
  • You are planning a presentation, workshop or seminar
  • You have a fear of letting go
  • Your content feels lifeless
  • You need a creative approach to leading seminars or presentations
  • You want to increase your presentation confidence

While there are reputable presentation organizations that will help you develop the formula for a speech, Improv Consultants presentation coaching, will enable you to deliver that speech with your unique style.

Contact Improv Consultants at 415-785-4986. Our presentation coaching will help you strengthen the skills you need to succeed.