Harry Potter fans they will recognize the name ‘Port-key’. In the book series, a port-key is an everyday object that transports a person to another place.

Purpose: Connection and learning about each other through story/sharing of memories.

How many: 4+


If you are working with a larger group, divide into smaller groups of 4-6 people. The first person is “tossed” a word – an everyday object . For example, “Fence.” The person who receives that word says, “Fence, that takes me to” LOCATION first and then the memory that goes with it. The memory or story is secondary to the place, room, environment that they were “port-keyed” to. Once they have shared their memory, they look around the place and select a new object and toss that to someone in their group. How do you toss the word? You simply made eye contact and say the word to the person you are tossing it to. Rinse and repeat.

For example: Fence, that takes me to our backyard in Washington DC that was lined with honeysuckles. I used to run around the yard looking for honeysuckles to pluck off the vine and eat. (Now I look around my backyard and find a new object to hand to the next person. I see swing set). SWING SET- and so on.

As with all games, it is important to debrief the experience, process, and outcomes so that while fun is inevitable, learning is key!