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I thought the workshop was fantastic!  I am an introvert, unless I need to be extroverted (e.g., teaching classes, presenting at conferences).  I found many of the tips very helpful in changing my perspective about interacting at networking events. You made the workshop very fun and interesting!  I recently took a half day improv workshop at Second City in Hollywood, but never connected how useful it could be in networking situations! 

-Gregory Canillas, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Psychology,
Pepperdine University.

I had the good fortune to attend an interactive Leadership seminar at which Lisa Safran was the featured presenter. From the moment Lisa took the stage to the moment she signed off, she had attendees engaged and attentive. Her delivery was energized by her enthusiasm and comfort level on a stage, in front of an audience, with a microphone in hand. She was as amused and delighted by us - the audience - as we were by her - the speaker, the improv master, the communications expert. She fully filled the hour with compelling stories and inspired ideas and interactive activities, giving each of us valuable takeaways regarding being better listeners, being more comfortable public speakers, and being more accepting of interpersonal communications with friends, family, and business colleagues. Lisa was very well received by this largely professional audience and I highly recommend her to any organization looking for messages of inspiration and information.

-Linda Rimac Colberg,
Writer, Colberg & Company, Inc.
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Improvisation for Business Networking

Kick off your event with improvisation for business networking! This interactive workshop will support participants in developing strategies for effective communication and improve ability to think on feet, be creative, and see things with a fresh perspective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhance listening skills
  • Discover commonalities to support greater connection during networking
  • Learn strategies and strengthen confidence to have more ease in business networking situations
  • Refine 30 second pitch  
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Creating Dynamic Presentations Through Improvisation

Whether your goal is to use improv as a tool for business or to enhance your life, you will walk away with a sense of freedom and empowerment that only this art form can bring. Are you ready to create something dynamic out of being spontaneous?

Key Takeaways
• Increase confidence when speaking extemporaneously
• Learn strategies for engaging your audience
• Learn creative approaches to presentations
• Increase your capabilities to communicate more powerfully
• Develop executive presence and shine as a leader

Footprints from Portugal to Spain

Improvising 160 Miles on the Camino in Spain

This keynote is for people interested in walking the Camino in Portugal and Spain. Lisa takes the audience on her journey as she processed the loss of her mother as she walked step by step on the cobble stone roads through small villages, towns, and meandering forests and down to the sea.

Key Takeaways
• Applying improvisation to complete a journey
• Processing grief while walking daily

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Enhancing Relationships Through Improv

Improvisation skills are excellent for breaking the ice, building rapport, deepening friendships, and getting to know other people. Whether it’s in social relationships or a workplace environment, it’s a great way to find out about other people, celebrate commonalities, and strengthen authentic communication (while learning about yourself in the process). Improv is a fun way to explore, find commonalities, and build simpatico.

Key Takeaways
• Create authentic connections with others
• Have fun!
• Build authentic communication skills
• Strengthen listening capacity

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Creating Connection While Thinking on Your Feet

As a small business owner we often wear many hats including “Director of Networking, Sales, and Marketing.” While all of us bring incredible talents to the services we provide, the idea of networking, sales, and marketing are sometimes daunting to say the least. Being able to quickly and spontaneously share about our business in a way that will intrigue the listener is essential. Lisa Safran, owner of ImprovConsultants will guide you through several exercises to support being able to think on your feet and listen in an authentic way.

Key Takeaways
• Learn new techniques for active listening
• Cultivate an attitude, of “Now I can do anything”
• Develop increased confidence for speaking extemporaneously
• Gain powerful insights into yourself to support moving your business forward

Changing Mindset after Trauma

Creating Something Dynamic Out of Being Spontaneous: Shifting mindset after trauma

What does it mean to say “Yes, and” to all that life has to offer? After surviving the South East Asia Tsunami, Lisa Safran began a journey embracing the Yes, And- resulting in big changes and a whole new career.

Key Takeaways
• Cultivate an attitude, of “Now I can do anything”
• Feel inspired to make bold choices
• Gain powerful insights into yourself to support moving your business forward

Using Improvisation to Build Literacy

An Improvised Journey into Language Acquisition

This keynote for educators discusses the stages of 2nd language acquisition and how to apply improvisation to support literacy development.

Key Takeaways
• Learn strategies for engaging students in language arts
• Develop lessons to support particular subject areas