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I thought the workshop was fantastic!  I am an introvert, unless I need to be extroverted (e.g., teaching classes, presenting at conferences).  I found many of the tips very helpful in changing my perspective about interacting at networking events. You made the workshop very fun and interesting!  I recently took a half day improv workshop at Second City in Hollywood, but never connected how useful it could be in networking situations! 

-Gregory Canillas, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Psychology,
Pepperdine University

Lead With Confidence: Improv(e) Your Way to New Heights in Executive Presence

Each person striving to communicate with executive presence needs to develop her own authentic way or brand. One with presence might be magnetic or charismatic but equally could be someone quiet and contemplative and these qualities might be interchangeable depending on the situation. It all depends on the unique character of the individual. This is good news. It means that anyone is capable of strengthening and developing their Executive Presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to apply a rich toolbox of skills business leaders must learn to master
  • The body language of confidence
  • How to effectively express your voice in support of you and those around you
  • Cultivate the trust you need to move ideas forward
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Build Strategic Relationships Through Improvisation Networking

This Interactive keynote will support participants in developing strategies for effective communication and improve ability to think on one’s feet, be creative and see things with a fresh perspective. Developing relationships with new strategic partners, subject matter experts, and centers of influence is essential for career building, and an engaging professional presence and ability to connect is the key.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhance listening skills
  • Discover commonalities to support greater connection during networking
  • Learn strategies to strengthen confidence and have more ease in business networking situations
  • Develop increased confidence for speaking extemporaneously
  • Refine your key message/value proposition 
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Create Dynamic Presentations Through Improvisation

Whether your goal is to use improv as a tool for business or to enhance your life, you will walk away with a sense of freedom and empowerment that only this art form can bring. Are you ready to create something dynamic out of being spontaneous?

Key Takeaways
• Increase confidence when speaking extemporaneously
• Learn strategies for engaging your audience
• Learn creative approaches to presentations
• Increase your capabilities to communicate more powerfully
• Develop executive presence and shine as a leader