Interview Coaching

Develop Confidence with Interview Coaching

Getting ready for an interview can be exciting and scary! When preparing, while due diligence can go a long way, there will always be unexpected questions or prompts. Being able to think on your feet and anticipate the unexpected with confidence will allow you to shine during the most stressful interviews. And interviews can be quite lengthy! Often during interviews today, especially in the tech world, you can expect to spend 5-6 hours being interviewed by 5-7 people throughout out the day or even at once. Knowing how to take your time answering, how to laser focus your answers, and engage your interviewers is a skill that needs practice.

Improv Consultants audition and interview coaching can help you develop the confidence and sense of presence to succeed in any kind of interview situation. We help you develop the ability to improvise, think outside the box and respond with more ease to the unknown.

Lisa is a gem. I’ve been taking improv as way to express creativity and step out of my comfort zone. More recently, I reached out to Lisa to help me prep for a big interview – to kick the nerves and handle tough questions in a calm and confident manner. Her improv exercises were unconventional, effective, and fun! I highly recommend Lisa for unleashing creativity and confidence for anyone.

    – M

What we do:

  • Mock interview practice
  • Support you in crafting your responses for best results
  • Face-to-face coaching in San Rafael is available or by SKYPE
  • Referrals or recommendations to image consultants in the area to help you match your image to your expertise


Contact Improv Consultants at 415-785-4986. Our interview coaching will increase your confidence so that you are ready for your next job!