Fork & Knife

Purpose: Working collaboratively, seeing different interpretations, negotiation.

How many: 2 or more (even numbers best as it is played in pairs).


We use this game to foster introductions, connections, and pairings for future activities.

Original Version: Get everyone into pairs, call out things they can be together, like a knife and fork.

The rules are:

  1. It’s a silent exercise (no talking)
  2. Don’t direct your partner. (Most people’s first impulse when told to become a knife and fork are to negotiate or direct each other by saying, “I’ll be the knife, you be the fork.” )

After several pairings (Salt and pepper, cat and dog, good and evil, etc.), get groups together and say, “You’re the settings for a Holiday dinner or a log cabin with a fire coming out the chimney” etc. Then bring the whole group together and say, “You’re the Golden Gate Bridge”.

The idea is that they must work quickly, nonverbally and adjust as a group to accomplish the task.

Our Adaptation:

Facilitate the game the same way as above, but use industry specific pairings- or concepts.

As with all games, it is important to debrief the experience, process, and outcomes so that while fun is inevitable, learning is key!