Communication Cookbook

Purpose: Developing an understanding of different communication styles.

How many: 20+


  1. Each person writes a list of core values they have with regards to communication
  2. Groups are then formed based on their workplace teams
  3. Each person in the breakout group shares their top three values they generated prior to joining the group
  4. Create a Recipe page that represents the combined communication values of each member in your group
  5. Be prepared to share your recipe page and discuss the process you used to come to consensus



Adaptation: Use this exercise to support gaining empathy and understanding into various generations in the workplace

  1. Divide into 4 groups
  2. Each group will represent one of the generations in the workplace
  3. Next, groups spend 5 minutes doing a quick internet search about what was “hot during that generations high school years (for example meatloaf and potatoes as well as mac & cheese were popular for Baby Boomers) – not just food, but pop-culture, music, movies, politics, inventions
  4. From this research, create a Poster that shows what the perceived values were of that generation based on findings
  5. Be prepared to share your recipe page and discuss the process you used to research and create- also be prepared to discuss how different is the generation you worked on versus your own- and what is similar?

Source: The original cookbook exercise was an adaptation from a cereal box exercise I learned from Bruce Honig.

As with all games, it is important to debrief the experience, process, and outcomes so that while fun is inevitable, learning is key!