Client Testimonials


We hired Improv Consultants to facilitate a four-hour presentation class to support our Sephora Collection and Pro-Team staff. Our team of All things beauty trainers and PRO makeup Artists are daily put into situations that require us to think on our feet, remain positive and easy going as we face Media, Business executives and everyday clients.  Improv Consultants brought high energy, enthusiasm, to each exercise they facilitated exposing our team to many fun exercises to support our jobs and what we face daily.

Some of the key take-a-ways included:

  • Landing key messages even when in a challenging or stressful situation
  • Learning how to risk failure to find success
  • Asking clarifying questions and active listening
  • Knowing when to pause, breathe, and not be inhibited
  • Gaining increased confidence and techniques to warm up before having to go in front of groups

We also appreciate the customization that was apparent during a couple of exercises including using Sephora vernacular/product info during an energetic game of “Fork and Knife.”

Throughout the session we debriefed the various exercises and they helped our team connect the “game” to the objectives. The final part of the training was using Sephora specific scenarios and providing team members with opportunities to think on their feet and respond extemporaneously incorporating what they learned during the session. We only wish the session had been longer to allow more time for even more role playing! I highly recommend Improv Consultants if you are looking for an energetic, experiential, and highly interactive training program to support your team in developing their ability to confidently think on their feet!

—Testimonial by Jacqueline Ourng,
Sephora Collection Brand Training Specialist


I am happy to recommend Improv Consultants without reservation. They were a pleasure to work with and helped facilitate our Communications team retreat.

Our goals were strategic planning, team building and improved internal communications. At first I was skeptical that my team would actively participate in an improvisation forum, but the day exceeded my expectations in every way.

Improv Consultants were expert in breaking the ice and getting everyone excited about the activities. I could easily see how well this forum could also work for developing leadership skills as Improv really helps folks to focus on active listening, stepping outside of their comfort zones and effective communication skills.

Plus, it’s really fun. I saw my team bond over sharing laughs, all while we worked towards collaboratively building out a plan to address strategic priorities.

—Testimonial by Deborah Chilvers,
Deputy Director SFPUC



It was fun to share in a safe collaborative environment where we were encouraged to support each other, find our commonalities & interests, and become a strong & innovative team! The training helped us to listen better, share ideas and remember the strength in creative, open, supportive communication. Great energy from both leaders! They were right, it was not terrifying!

—Testimonial by



UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital

What a joy and pleasure to meet the staff of Improv Consultants and have her facilitate a half-day workshop at our staff retreat this year. This experience we shared as a group was enlightening, reinvigorating, and energized us a team. The laughter and fun we shared will always be remembered. The powerful take-a-ways from her session has had a lasting effect for our team both personally and professionally. They are authentic, kind, and gentle practitioners that made our team feel safe and comfortable from the very start. We would not hesitate to recommend Improv Consultants to any organization seeking an inspiring, fun, and memorable team building experience.

—Testimonial by Julia Chan


21Tech hired Improv Consultants to provide a Team building workshop to our staff using Improv techniques. We were very happy with the results. They was highly effective, personable, and empathetic with shy employees, working easily to instill confidence in the staff to help each other, support one another and eventually enjoy and build upon a team member’s contribution in exactly the way we had envisioned. They taught us to use nothing but our wits and each other to create something dynamic and magical.I am so happy with their work with this team, I am bringing ImprovConsultants back to provide the same spark with the rest of my company. I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial and recommending ImprovConsultants for corporate team building.

        —Testimonial by Dilraj Kahai 21 Tech LLC

Participant, Kaiser Permanente

What I appreciated most about the communication team building session was it illustrated and drew out some of the frustrations I have at work. Specifically the game where we had a story teller —a person in the hot seat, and multiple distractions that did not support team work and yet I had to deliver. The session also helped me identify what I need to focus on and prioritize it above other competing demands.

        —Participant, Kaiser Permanente