Off-Site Retreats

Off-Site Retreats

We customize all of our off-site retreats to meet your needs. Using best practices in facilitation and proven exercises to support team-building, we help your team think outside the box, find new solutions for working more effectively together, and strengthen leadership skills all while having a ridiculous amount of fun!

Just let us know the date and location and we will work with you to create that perfect off-site retreat for your board of directors, leadership team, or team meeting.


Off-sites are an excellent opportunity to learn in a relaxing environment away from the normal distractions and stressors. Applied improvisation helps to bring your team together and support stronger communication throughout!

Our clients have hired us to facilitate off-sites with various objectives:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Build Communication
  • Strengthen Leadership
  • Presentation Skills

We are here to help you kick off your Off-Site retreat in a way that the team will feel valued and appreciated.

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