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Extensive research has been conducted on the positive effects of creative play and learning. Many teachers already know the benefits of incorporating drama activities to help students express themselves and retell stories. Drama creates a meaningful and memorable way for students to acquire language and to feel at ease due to the nature of play and fun that drama facilitates. Drama exercises help students to overcome inhibitions and improve oral expression including intonation and pronunciation.

Improv Consultants utilizes specific improvisational theatre games to enhance and build reading and writing skills in their innovative education programs. Improvisational theatre games are a step beyond traditional drama. They are a more spontaneous art form and a fun and creative way to help students build language skills. Through participation in a variety of improvisational games, students will begin to feel at ease expressing their ideas and will move toward telling stories in an organized manner.

What Clients Are Saying:

“I have known Lisa to facilitate workshops in a highly motivating manner, present materials to a variety of learners, and is dedicated to educating teachers to improve their delivery of instruction for all children. Lisa worked with students and staff in a manner that was full of respect, caring, and understanding of the individual.”

Barbara Magpusao, M.A., Principal Jackson Elementary School

“Lisa ran a 3 day improv program with all of the Green School staff. The training included team building, multiple intelligences and teaching and learning strategies to support literacy. The teachers at Green School are using the strategies on a daily basis. I often see the kids engaged in fun learning rich activities using simple resources like soft throw toys and beach balls. The improv sessions have added a new dynamic to classroom activities in Green School and a more consistent approach to designing learning activities across the school. Thanks for your great work Lisa.”

Stephen Milverton, Principal The Green School, Bali, Indonesia

“Attending Lisa’s workshop on incorporating theatre games and improv into my language arts class was inspirational and eye-opening. Reading and Writing Come Alive is an amazing resource with even more effective and engaging ways to help my students both utilize alternative avenues during the writing process and realize the value of their own writing.”

Nick DePreter, Teacher, Attendee at Association of Experiential Educators