Improv Training for Businesses, Schools, and Individuals

Improv Training for Businesses

No matter what your organization’s objectives for staff development, from validating employee expertise to supporting team building, flexibility, and enhanced communication, Improv Consultants offers a variety of communication training options tailored to fit your needs, time frame, and budget. Every day presents a new improvisational opportunity and improv communication training provides the necessary tools to effectively handle many of life’s challenges with ease and flexibility. Improv  training will help your team create outside-the-box ways to work more efficiently and supportively with each other. Improvisation training builds on your team’s strengths and supports them in feeling like a winning team!

In addition to staff development, Improv Consultants are available to entertain at your upcoming conference or meeting, performing an improvisation show based on your staff’s suggestions or kicking off the meeting with an inspirational talk on the art of spontaneity and how it can support effective business solutions.

We are here to help you with:

Communication and Connection

Strengthening Leadership

Building Collaborative Teams

Executive Presence Coaching

Keynote and Presentations

Improv Training for Schools and Educators

Extensive research has been conducted on the positive effects of creative play and learning. Many teachers already know the benefits of incorporating drama activities to help students express themselves and retell stories. Drama creates a meaningful and memorable way for students to acquire language and to feel at ease due to the nature of play and fun that drama facilitates. Drama exercises help students to overcome inhibitions and improve oral expression including intonation and pronunciation.

Educator staff development utilizes specific improvisational theatre games to enhance and build reading and writing skills. Improvisational theatre games are a step beyond traditional drama. They are a more spontaneous art form and a fun and creative way to help students build language skills. Through participation in a variety of improvisational games, students will begin to feel at ease expressing their ideas and will move toward telling stories in an organized manner.

Improvisation and Beach Ball Literacy

Scholarly Behaviors

Multiple Intelligences

Engaging and Building a Community of Learners

Improvisation and Beach Balls for Parents!

Reading and Writing Come Alive

Personal Communication Coaching Through Improv

Personal Coaching

Improv Consultants offers personal coaching to help individuals be more successful in work and life. Our communication coaching builds confidence and sense of presence, helping individuals become better communicators and leaders, whether working one-to-one or presenting to an audience of one thousand.Individual Coaching is available for a variety of needs:

Executive Presence Coaching

Creativity Coaching

Interview/Audition Coaching

Presentation Coaching


Contact us to customize a training program that will fit your needs and support your business practices and succeed.