Our Team

Our Awesome Team!

We look forward to meeting you in person. In addition to our awesome team members here, we have access to an amazing community of talented trainers and facilitators when several consultants are required. We have worked with small and large groups and look forward to working with yours!


Improv Consultants Awesome Team Founder & President Lisa Safran photo

Founder & Executive Training Strategist

Lisa Safran

Lisa, Founder, Executive Coach & Training Strategist of Improv Consultants combines her background in theatre and education to support business leaders and teams in strengthening communication and leadership skills… {more}

Improv Consultants Awesome Team Facilitator Laura Derry photo

Applied Improvisation Facilitator

Laura Derry

Laura was a scripted actor terrified of improv but after her first class, it was so much fun she hasn’t stopped doing it. Laura performs improv all over the Bay Area… {more}

Improv Consultants Awesome Team Facilitator & Marketing Collaborator Cody Dunitz photo

Facilitator & Marketing Collaborator

Cody Dunitz

Cody joined the Improv Consultants team of consultants in 2016 as our Facilitation & Marketing Collaborator. Cody facilitates improv trainings for businesses to help them build skills around leadership, communication….. {more}

If you have experience in applied improvisation or another marketable skill that you think would serve us well, please feel free to contact us and we will see if it’s a fit!