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Imagine if professional development & fun could be in the same sentence. They can. Picture your staff laughing, connecting, and having a great time all while learning valuable skills.

I’ve watched Lisa perform. I’ve attended one of her workshops. And I’ve consulted with her privately. She clearly excels in all three capacities.

 The workshop I attended, which was relaxed and fun, was both valuable to me as a professional. There was one exercise in particular, a shockingly simple one, that had a profound effect on me. I walked away feeling surprisingly liberated and inspired to think outside the box more.

 One-on-one, Lisa walked me through a variety of games and strategies that would suit my specific needs at work. She helped me see techniques I already use in a new light and introduced me to things I would have never thought of on my own.

I highly recommend Lisa as both a consultant and a workshop facilitator. She puts you at ease with her nonjudgmental and welcoming demeanor and has a way of inspiring you to open up and tap into a deeper layer of creativity.

Sandra P. Coach