We use play to Ignite teams, strengthen leaders, and spark lasting collaboration, communication, & creativity!

Are you looking for fun and dynamic professional development to support your staff in building communication, leadership, and strengthening team dynamics? Improv Consultants is the convergence of professional development & fun! We work with businesses, teams and individuals to improve communication, collaboration, and leadership. 

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With an extensive background in training and development, our consultants facilitate fun and experiential Business Training & development programs in the areas of communication, leadership, and team development.

We use play to:

  • Inspire teams to collaborate and communicate
  • Create confident and cohesive management teams learn more

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Are you a leader looking for ways to improve your executive presence? Do you have concerns about team communication or struggling without to stay on top of it all? Executive Coaching is a great opportunity to work with one on one to get the support you need.

We use play to:

  • Turn powerful leaders into dynamic communicators
  • Inspire creativity and innovation learn more

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Improv Consultants offers a variety of programs for Off-Site Retreats. Improvisation will help your team say “YES AND” all while developing stronger connections, communication, and leadership! fun!

We use play to: 

  • Strategize & Collaborate 
  • Strengthen leadership teams
  • Spark lasting communication & creativity learn more

Why Improv? 

Improvisation is a powerful tool that helps build confidence, collaboration and creativity. Improv Consultants uses improvisation as a fabulous spice to enhance each training! Improvisation supports building positive communication skills and teams that play well together, work great together!

Who We Are

Improv Consultants is a team of creative professionals founded by Lisa Safran, speaker, consultant and author. We take great pride in being a mix of creative people: executive coaches, educators, trainers, facilitators, improvisers, speakers and more.We have deep experience with team building, executive and presentation coaching. We understand how to make individuals – and the organizations they belong to – more successful.

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